Our killer features

* No one was actually killed in the making of these features.

Scheduled Content Publishing



  • Schedule content to automatically publish and/or unpublish on dates you choose.
  • Choose what products or specials you want published when and for how long.
  • Prepare and schedule content changes in advance to help streamline your operations.

Craft SEO Metadata



  • Manage metadata such as page titles, meta descriptions, and sitemap data right from your content and product pages.
  • Character counts conveniently displayed next to each field that have character limits help you craft data the way search engines expect.
  • Google SERP preview that updates as you type so that you can see how you'll look in Google's search results before you even publish your content.

Craft Open Graph Data



  • Get a glimpse of how your content will look when shared out on social media.
  • Choose how social media sites display your Open Graph image: wide, square, or tall.
  • Easily edit common Open Graph properties directly from your content and product pages.
  • Add any additional Open Graph properties your content may need.

Structured Data Generation



  • Structured Data that's automatically generated to help search engines understand your website.
  • Convince Google to expose a search box scoped to your website when it appears as a search result.
  • Automatic data structuring of your website for things like Google's sitelinks and breadcrumbs.
  • No need to fuss with any JSON-LD or even worry about what schema structured data is.

Drag & Drop Form Builder



  • Creating forms is as easy as editing content and created forms can be inserted into any content anywhere on your website.
  • Create your own forms from scratch and select from a range of well-known input types with an option to mark them as required.
  • Intuitive drag and drop feature allows forms to be created on the fly with no coding experience.
  • Easily add reCAPTCHA to your forms to help reduce those spammy submissions.

Integrated SEO Grader



  • Run your own internal SEO report on your entire website, including your online menu.
  • View your SEO grade directly on content pages when you edit them.
  • Set a focus keyword for each content page to view density metrics, useful in noting which keywords appear most often and if they reflect the topic of your page.
  • Get suggestions and guidelines for creating content that is search engine optimized.

Broken Link Checker



  • Easily check your website for broken or invalid links and fix them before Google finds out.
  • Track all of your hyperlinks and their result status on all pages across your website.

Drag & Drop Page Layouts



  • The visual appearance of webpages can be easily customized to fit your site’s needs using a drag and drop layout approach.
  • A simple grid layout editor allows you to focus on creating content rather than having to fuss over aligning your page layout.
  • Insert media wherever you need it and easily embed video from popular streaming sites by simply pasting in the URL.

Integrated Google Analytics



  • Monitor your website's page views and find out which keywords are being used, along with which device, operating system, screen resolution, browser, language, and country, all without having to leave your website.
  • Easily add element ids and css classes to links and buttons or calls to action so that you can add the power of Google Tag Manager to your analytics tracking arsenal.
  • Integration ready for implementing both methods of Google Analytics ecommerce, Standard Ecommerce and Enhanced Ecommerce.

Form Actions



  • Send one or more emails to and from specified email addresses with submission details every time a form is submitted.
  • Trigger any Microsoft Flow when a visitor on your website submits a web form.
  • Subscribe a visitor to a Mailchimp List with or without any tags when their email address is submitted on a form.
  • Automatically create content with field mapping in an unpublished state when forms are submitted on your website.
  • Redirect your visitors to any url with submission details after they complete a web form on your website.

Media Asset Management



  • System allows for simple storage and management of rich media files such as pdfs, images, and video.
  • Upload multiple media items at once and perform bulk operations like delete or move.
  • Create folders to help organize your media assets.
  • Easily insert your media assets anywhere in your content.

Content Versioning



  • Automatically keeps track of the different versions of content as it gets updated.
  • Versioning provides the ability to rollback your previous changes.
  • An audit trail is available for each piece of content, including products and specials.
  • Easily see who edited what version of your content.

Content Notifications



  • Get notified whenever a specific content item is updated, moved, or deleted.
  • Set notifications to be sent whenever new content is created.
  • Easily set alerts for when content is set for rollback and when it's restored.

Find & Replace Across All Content



  • Quickly search across all your content to find the text you want replaced and replace it with your new text.
  • Replace all occurrences of a single word or phrase at once or replace them individually.
  • Find and replace text that exists in metadata and other content properties.

Control Employee Permissions



  • Control which employee has access to what content with group permissions.
  • You can specify group permissions at a granular level for a specific content item, such as who can update, delete, publish, etc.
  • Control what sections each employee has access to and which section should be loaded when they first login.

Online Pre-Ordering



  • Patients can easily pre-order directly from your website on any device.
  • Employees can easily confirm, fulfill, and cancel pre-orders from a single queue.
  • Patients can view their order history from their secure online account.
  • A simple pre-order dashboard makes managing pre-orders a breeze.

Guided Tours



  • Tours can be made mandatory for employees to complete before doing anything else in the back office.
  • Each user's progress is tracked while taking a tour, letting them resume at a later time.
  • Employees can always rerun tours anytime for as many times as they need.

Integrated Help



  • An always ready, in-app help system means that you never have to leave your place to get the help you need.
  • Context relevant lessons and help articles that are accessible from within the app.
  • Helpful tooltips and property descriptions make it easy to navigate the intuitive interface.

Secure Patient Account



  • Patients can complete their profile and upload their medical card securely and directly from your website.
  • Patients can securely view their pre-order history directly from their account.
  • Allow patients to automatically register on your website or require them to have an invite after the account has been approved.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing Integration



  • Cannabits 365 can act as your marketing portal for Dynamics 365.
  • Embed a Dynamics 365 for marketing form on any page.
  • Use form capture to integrate Dynamics 365 for Marketing with a form created in Cannabits 365.
  • Monitor site-visit data and analytics on how patients use your website in Dynamics 365.

Managed Services Support



  • Proactive monitoring of your website keeps you ahead of problems rather than standing still behind them with old break/fix support models.
  • Single point-of-contact for support issues, whether it's a software problem or hosting one, no fingers to point here.
  • Continuous improvements and security updates are regularly rolled out to keep your website performing securely at top speed.

Personalized Content



  • Target your patients with personalization groups and deliver a message that's tailored to them.
  • Personalize content by number of visits, pages viewed, referrer, query string and more.
  • Display personalized menus that rank and sort your products and specials according to your patient's preferences.

Azure AD Integration



  • Integrate with Azure Active Directory and allow your employees to access the back office with their Office 365 or any Azure AD account.
  • Can be managed as an Enterprise Application in your Azure Active Directory instance.
  • Supports Active Directory Seemless Single Sign-on.