Website as a Service for Your Dispensary

365 Days a Year

The ultimate dispensary website solution. Purpose-built for dispensaries and designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the medical marijuana industry.

Now you can manage your online presence with one easy-to-use solution!

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Website funnel with traffic leaking out to popular dispensary online menus

Stop giving away your traffic

Psst. Your funnel is leaking. Stop giving away your dispensary's hard-earned website traffic to your online menu solution

Take back control and ownership of your website traffic and provide the patient experience YOU want!Learn about the "6 Ways Your Online Menu Is Failing You" »

Many plugins wrapping in and around a web page

Say goodbye to WordPress plugins

What if I told you... that you could unplug? Spend less time fussing with WordPress plugins and more time fulfilling orders

Who wants to sit around and update plugins all day? Let's focus on creating quality content!Learn more about eliminating WordPress plugins »

Are you ready to take your online cannabis operation to the next level?

* no WordPress necessary

Online pre-order icon representing a pre-order queue with pre-order history


Allow patients to pre-order directly from your website.
  •  Display product availability
  •  Create specials with discount codes
  •  Easily process pre-orders
  •  Turn pages views into sales

Learn more »

Content management icon representing content being managed by a gear


Easily manage all of your website content.
  •  Simple editing and publishing
  •  Full version control
  •  Scheduled content publishing
  •  Personalized content

Learn more »

Menu sync icon showing a list inside of syncing arrows


Update your online menus directly from your website.
  •  Auto-sync with major online menus
  •  Integrate your POS system
  •  Insert products & specials anywhere
  •  Personalized product menus

Learn more »

Some kick-ass features fit for your dispensary

SEO Tools being represented by gears and icons of devices and capabilities

Built-in SEO tools for easy web presence optimization. Saay whaaat?

Craft your SEO metadata and Open Graph data with ease. Schema structured data for Google? Yeah, we got that covered too. And with our Google SERP and Open Graph previewers, you'll never have to guess how you look out there on the web. Learn more about our SEO tools »

* Wardrobe advice not included.

Web Form Builder with actions that can be triggered when forms are submitted

Quickly create web forms that, you know... do stuff!

Quickly build web forms with our simple grid layout designer. Need some things to happen when visitors submit your forms? Got it covered! Choose several actions that get executed, and in what order, when forms are submitted. Learn more about the stuff our forms can do »

Scheduled Content Publishing displaying content, products, specials being published by a scheduler

Control what gets published when and where. Wait, who?

Simply schedule the date and time you want your content published. And by content, we also mean products and specials. User permissions let you restrict who can do what. What about scheduling content to be unpublished? You didn't think we'd leave that out, did you? Learn more about scheduled content publishing »

Personalized Content graph of content variations going to specific patients

Personalized content for your patients. Oh, were you talking to me?

Target your patients with content, products, and specials that's tailored specifically to them. Imagine your product menu displaying relevant products based on each patient's preferences? Well, we imagined it too. Learn more about personalizing content for your patients »

Want to take a look inside?

Get a peak at what Cannabits 365 can do.


Developed by a trusted Microsoft partner on the Azure platform

Paragon9 is a Silver Microsoft Partner
Paragon9 is a Microsoft Silver Partner and has been delivering custom developed software on the web for well over a decade. As a cloud solution provider, Paragon9 is ready, willing, and able to usher you into the future of cloud solutions!

Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform Logo
With Microsoft's Azure Cloud Platform your Cannabits 365 website receives the same level of protection that Microsoft enterprise customers receive, which includes many of the world’s largest financial institutions.
  •   Setting & leading industry compliance standards
  •  People-centric security & privacy
HIPAA and HITECH Act Compliant
Privacy & Security
  •  Identification & authorization
  •  Data encryption & protection
  •  99.95% up-time availability guarantee
  •  On-demand scaling

So then what's this "Website as a Service" thing all about?

In its simplest form, Website as a Service (WaaS) is what leasing is to a car

So let's say your website is a car...

Graph comparing the advantages of leasing over buying or renting to the advantages of Websites as a Service

Own a Car

When you own a car you have great freedom and flexibility, but as with any great thing, comes great responsibility. You are responsible for the ongoing maintenance and any surprise repairs that might pop up.


Lease a Car

With a lease, you get the best of both worlds. You can choose the type of car, its color and any accessories you might want. And that freedom of choice comes with freedom from those maintenance headaches and the unexpected. You don't even need to worry about the car becoming too out-of-date because you can trade it back in to get a new one well before that happens.

Taxi / Lyft

Now when you use a taxi or a Lyft, you have no responsibility at all in the maintenance of that car. But that too comes with its own great costs to freedom and flexibility. You have to plan ahead and schedule the ride and then wait for the driver to arrive. The type of car, let alone the color, is of no choice of yours.


Now let's look at how that translates to your website...

Graph comparing the advantages of Cannabits 365 over website builders or traditionally developed websites

Website Builders

Website Builders are great if you're just starting out, allowing you to quickly establish an online presence at an affordable price. However, the control you have over customizing your patient's online experience is a bit underwhelming. Features are typically generic in nature as they are targeted at, well, everybody. So it's hard to differentiate yourself online with website builders because they end up making you just another Lyft driver out there in the driving pool.

Cannabits 365

With Cannabits 365 you get a full-featured website solution already designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your medical marijuana dispensary. Industry-specific features that lay the foundation for you to craft your dispensary's online presence the way you want. And you can do so with confidence in knowing that your website will be up 365 days a year!

Custom Websites

With traditional custom websites, the sky is seen as the limit in terms of customization. But often it is both cost, and time that are the real limits for these types of websites. Then once the website is finally published, the real costs start to kick in and before you know it, you find yourself trying to run a website design company inside of your business. When something goes wrong, it can get very unexpectedly expensive fast.

Modernize your website - modernize your costs

Modernize your costs and avoid padded scope, costly change orders, fuzzy hourly billing, endless scope creep meetings and other typical agency distractions. Our process is simple with a plan fit for budget so you can easily predict monthly costs. No separation between your website and hosting — a single provider for billing and support. Have a Microsoft subscription? Yep, we can bundle that in too.

Okay, here's how we work with you to get it all done

We start off with discovery to identify your pain points, set objectives, and look at things like timing and budget. We work together with you to develop an effective online strategy for your dispensary using the power of Cannabits 365 and the web.

As a client, you can subscribe to our service and get access to our entire team. Then, every month you set the goals and objectives. Tell us what's needed, and we help you get it done. It really is that simple. But hey, why shouldn’t it be, right?

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