Say Goodbye to WordPress Plugins

Your site is only as secure and efficient as the code and plugins it's made of.

So, what's wrong with plugins?

Plugins themselves aren't bad. It's when you just install plugin after plugin, that you start to see compatibility issues, errors all around or even worse, "the white screen of death". Not to mention the increased security vulnerabilities that come with relying on plugins for core functionality. It's scary stuff, especially when you're dealing with HIPAA, HITECH and other compliance laws.

Then why so many plugins?

WordPress at its core is a fancy blog. To get it to do anything else, you need to add functionality. You do this by installing a plugin. And usually not just one plugin, you will need to install at least a handful to get you on any level playing field.

A majority of WordPress plugins fall into 1 or more of these 4 areas:

(oh yes, even the free ones)

Out of Date
Outdated plugin represented by a pixelated plug

Plugins that are no longer updated.What happened to the developer?

Many times, developers stop supporting plugins they made because, well... they moved onto something else. And when WordPress updates their core, websites often go down because of one little outdated plugin. Now time to guess which one it is...

Buggy plugin shown as a bug crawling over a binary plug

Buggy plugins cause serious issues all on their own."Things aren't always what they appear to be."
–Unknown citizen of Troy.

Sometimes plugins come with "unexpected features" that do things that you never wanted them to. With no code quality controls in place, third party developers can make their plugins do all sorts of things (intentional or not) without even having to test them.

Slow plugin shown as a plug dragging a ball and chain

Plugins can be a real drag to your website.Yeah, you can move in, but do you need all that stuff?.

Plugins are the bells and whistles of WordPress. Without its precious plugins, it's nothing more than Gollum searching for his ring. And with every plugin you install, the more bloat you add to your website.

Unsecured plugin being shown as an open lock through a plug

Plugins can act as back-doors to your website. I thought I told you to lock the door on your way out?

The biggest security vulnerabilities with WordPress comes from its plugins. By installing unsecured plugins that are poorly-written or have outdated code, you are opening your website up to be exploited by attackers.

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