Stop Giving Away Your Traffic

Your dispensary website has the potential of reaching thousands of patients, so why are you giving away your website traffic?

All online menus are NOT created equal.

Some menus that take you away from your website during the purchasing process are not doing you any favors when it comes to SEO. In fact, they are really hurting you by making search engines see your site has a high bounce rate.

Take back control and ownership of your website traffic and provide the patient experience YOU want!

Think of it like a page within a page.

Frequent Content Updates

Search engines prefer websites that update their content frequently.

Constantly updating your website with new products and specials tells search engines that your website is regularly producing new content. When your patients remain on your website to complete an order; it lowers your bounce rate and increases your retention rate. The more often a site is updated the more frequently the site will be indexed by crawlers.


More Relevant Content, Higher Rankings

Content is King

Keeping products on your website plays a key role in SEO ranking. You'll be able to create your own content  and since dispensaries are not allowed to advertise like a regular business, SEO is paramount to the growth of your online presence. A website that has more content will constantly rank higher than those that have less.


To Maintain A Low Bounce Rate

Google and other search engines prefer websites whos visitors remain instead of immediately "bouncing" away from the website.

If you Google marijuana and it brings you to a website that immediately sends you to another website to place an order, it makes search engines see it as a sign that your website is spammy or low quality. People who find the information they want tend to stay on the site longer.


Show Up In Organic Search Results

Being able to display and sell products on your website is key to your Dispensary being found on the web. If your menu is not on your site; patients searching for specific products will go to your competitors to find what they want.

By searching for a particular strain or type of cannabis by name in search engines then you won't even show up in the results.

Good reasons your menu shouldn't be an iFrame

Now, let me be clear. iFrames do have a valid purpose, but on your dispensary website as a menu is not one of them. Below are a few reasons why.

Online pre-order

It's Bad

This is one of the most prevalent reasons you will find for avoiding iFrames.
  •  Some search engines may have difficulties with the pages referenced within iFrames.
  •  How much this affects a site’s or page’s search ranking is not fully known.
  •  However most experts we have talked to agree that it definitely has some impact.
Content management

You Do Not
Have Total Control

In an iFrame, Your website may have your content on it, with another website’s content.
  •  The content can change anytime.
  •  No control on visual look.
Menu sync


Unless you introduce extra JavaScript, the user will not be able to obtain a link directly to content/products within the iFrame.
  •  This is links of products or specials someone might email a friend.
  •  Bookmarks that visitors set thinking they will be able to come back to later. Sadly they will not be able to find it again.
  •  Pages will not be found by search engine result.